Practice resources

Hi, fellow coders.
I am currently doing the javascript curriculum and I have been having some difficullties. I would like to know if there are any resources or sites i can use to practice javascript topics besides codewars.

Hey Lekoels27,

the best way to learn programming is to program. So don’t worry if not everything sinks in yet. Just keep building things with JavaScript.

And it is also normal that you forget stuff. Every programmer googles probably 100 different things a day because they forgot how a certain library code gets called etc.



thanks, I appreciate your feedback.

I used to do some challenges on leetcode as well. Though harder challenges often revovle around either knowing a certain algorithm or trick or being unable to pass them - which got kinda annoying.

Apart from that, keep yourself some links to resources where you can quickly look up code, like w3schools and others.

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