Preparation for Technical interview

Hello every one .I am preparing for fresher Devops / Python developer .I have to prepare on SQL , Basic linux , Bash and Python .I have started working on python and start revising other skills .Regarding python i am confused how i shall prepare for data structure and algorithms .I have search many text on web but need really good advise .I want to show some basic projects in python and i want to be prepare from technical point of view too.Regarding SQL ,Basic linux and Basic bash i do not have to build up stuff so i am just revising and solving problems in it .My questions are

  1. How do i carry my preparation interview oriented?
    2.Although this will be for fresher position so how much I may learnt to get sure i am ready for interview?

3.Which data structure and algorithms i must prepare ?

You can follow for algorithms and data structures interview puzzles

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Hello everyone .
I am in confusion regarding tech job preparation .I am going to commit myself full time towards it for 4-5 months . I have a plan to have front end + back end skills .Apart from that i am want to build a presentable app using python .I know i have to work on my data structure and algorithms etc .I have a plan to join below mention institute .They have system oriented work and projects with algorithms etc. There classes would be held for 2 hr 6 days in a week . And the rest of the day i am free . I have done BSc in Instrumentation
and i do not have CS degree . The training institute is Emblogic.

I have also join python meetups .
How to get hired at startup ?
Most of the Startup are acquiring people with skills and are not emphasising on CS degree.

I have done coding in python and javaScript but i am not satisfied with my skills . I
I have to work on my front end skills too to increase my working domain .
How can i systematically take right approach towards it ?Can 4 months full time preparation would be near about to sufficient for industry level tech job ?

I’ve merged your two topics because despite being separated by a week, they’re roughly the same.

Please don’t create more topics asking for preparation material. If you haven’t gotten a satisfactory answer to the others you’ve posted, asking again won’t change things.

I think you’re already doing the best thing you can do. Coding with other people, making stuff, challenging yourself and having fun are great steps. Whether or not you get a job at a startup depends on too many variables for anyone to say, but just do the best you can and send your resume out to as many different opportunities as you can.


Thanks .I would be careful next time .