Tech job systematic preparation

Hello everyone .
I am in confusion regarding tech job preparation .I am going to commit myself full time towards it for 4-5 months . I have a plan to have front end + back end skills .Apart from that i am want to build a presentable app using python .I know i have to work on my data structure and algorithms etc .I have a plan to join below mention institute .They have system oriented work and projects with algorithms etc. There classes would be held for 2 hr 6 days in a week . And the rest of the day i am free . I have done BSc in Instrumentation
and i do not have CS degree . The training institute is Emblogic.

I have also join python meetups .
How to get hired at startup ?
Most of the Startup are acquiring people with skills and are not emphasising on CS degree.

I have done coding in python and javaScript but i am not satisfied with my skills . I
I have to work on my front end skills too to increase my working domain .
How can i systematically take right approach towards it ?Can 4 months full time preparation would be near about to sufficient for industry level tech job ?

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