Pretty much ready to turn this portfolio in

But please let me know if I’m missing something. I’m going for an “I enjoy coding - haven’t learned much yet but maybe some day I’ll have marketable skills” sort of look. If I end up knowing enough to become hirable some day I’ll edit it.

Nice job - all that hard work paid off :slight_smile:

The page is pretty responsive and behaves very nicely - great use of smooth scrolling and scrollspy.

The ‘Herein lies…’ text is a little hard on the eyes for my liking, since the outline doesn’t really provide enough contrast to be comfortable against the very light background.

You also may want to centre the image on smaller screen sizes?

Thank you :slight_smile: . And thanks for the suggestions. I think it looks a little better now. I darkened the background of the h elements a bit.

I liked it, it’s nice and simple :slight_smile: Maybe I would justify the text in bio and in explanation about email for easier reading on smaller devices, but it’s just personal preferences.

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