Prevent Object Mutation III

Even after copy & pasting the answer, it’s throwing an error. I’ve clicked reset, then refreshed the browser, then restarted the browser and eventually restarted the whole system.

One of my first wrong guesses was to freeze the function instead of the object, could the cache be holding onto that in some way?


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function freezeObj() {
  "use strict";
  const MATH_CONSTANTS = {
    PI: 3.14
  // change code below this line


  // change code above this line
  try {
  } catch( ex ) {
const PI = freezeObj();

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Try cleaning and clearking your cookies and caches or a different browser.

I just did that, was already thinking of it. But wanted to log the process first.
Console still logs an error as I paste the answer back in, but it does accept it after I click the run button


Same thing with me. I wrote the correct solution but the TypeError would keeping appearing. I tried all of the recommendations in the forums here and nothing helped. Finally I just ignored the error and hit Run Test anyways, and I was finally able to proceed to the next challenge.

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