Problem controlling cursor location when editing code

Using the html editor in the Front End Development class, I can’t seem to place the insertion point/cursor either via the keyboard or the mouse. Moving to the right, for example, will only go so far. Not sure what is up with that.

If you are in the regular FCC and not the Beta I had the same problem for about 20 challenges or so then it went away.

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Jeez, I thought it was my computer!! Didnt even think to ask, but that was driving me crazy!!! So yeah, you are not alone, and indeed, it does become normal after a few challenges.

What I think is happening is, when a new screen opens, the cursor position can’t be controlled. But it seems when I hit enter in the window, then the cursor is controllable. (Or maybe that was a fluke.)

Every time I hopped into a new page, I just did Ctrl+A >> Ctrl+X >> Ctrl+V.
This solved it for me.

Please see Issue #7844 for more information about this bug.