#bugs on the code editor

I recently joined this site , and i really liked it . I was doing some freecodecamp challenges when i came across certain bugs :

  1. While writing I found that my cursor even though i clicked at the end of line it end up some where between the line and i have to go a line below and then press backspace to get to the EOL of previous line.
  2. Suddenly the code editor began to behave like 'when I write something between the line the following letters would automatically get overwritten ’ Just like when we press “insert” button on most codeeditors and it begin to overwrite following letters.

I claim them to be bug because i tried pressing insert again and again and also some other keys to verify that i didnt do it by mistake but couldnt find anything!

If its not a bug, help me to understand them and let me know if i can repair that!

I dont know about the bugs you faced there has been a bug like sometimes if i am inactive for 5 minutes on the editor or my internet is disconnected for a second or two i am unable to go to next challange after completing it i then reload the page several times to pass through it :open_mouth:

The first problem is a known bug that is being worked on. I haven’t heard anyone mention the second problem, but you should look at FCC’s GitHub issues to see if it’s been reported. When you find a bug, please use our GitHub issues so it can be properly evaluated and tasked.