Problem starting the simon game challenge

Anyone please explain a html and css technique to design the simon game interface, I am having a hard time creating the look. How do i go about it?

Hey @FaithAdekunle,
I suggest that before you go looking into other projects, think about the basics of what the Simon project is built upon:

  • You need 4 buttons
  • Each button needs to make a different sound
  • You need to respond to user clicks

I highly recommend you start out by implementing that and seeing that everything works. Once you have achieved this, you can move on to the logic and graphics.
For my project, I used SVG. You can ream more about SVG here :

Hope that helps.


Yeah, like Faith says, break everything into tiny steps. The program as a whole may be too much to grasp, but if you break it up small enough, it gets easier.

You don’t really need to use SVG to clone the sample project. All you need is various values of border-radius and a repeating background image (raster image such as JPEG).

Agree with @TomerPacific about writing the business logic first and worrying about the UI later, though.

…Also, I just realized this topic is 7 months old, lol.

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