Problem testing Build a Product Landing Page

Always fails the test, 14/16. Even if I directly copy the code from the sample pen to a new pen, it fails the test. So it’s nothing I’m doing wrong, since it’s not even my code. Tried for two days now so there must be something wrong on the freeCodeCamp end with the testing.
Need help.

Link to the challenge:

show your code, then we can see
the example Landing Page is not built to pass all the tests, but to show a visual example of what you should build

Still waiting to see your code :bowing_man:
Please post your codepen link here

The example project is build to pass all the tests and it does. You must be doing something wrong, but we can’t say what without seeing your code.

In any case, it is irrelevant to your project. The requirements you need to fulfill are on the challenge page and you can always run the tests on your page as long as you include the test script.