Problem with pip

I have a problem: I use visual studio code and have a problem with pip. It says that the term is not recognized. So I checked if pip was installed and updated which it is. So I went to environmental settings in advanced system settings and made a new path to the location of the pip file. Then went back to the cmd prompt and typed pip install pyautogui and it worked. I thought my problems were over but, the next day, when I went and tried to pip install matplotlib n the cmd prompted it said the term pip was not recognized as a term. I checked the path in environmental settings and it was still the there. Just in case, I deleted it and remade the path again. It still gives the same result. I am at a loss. I don’t know what is wrong.

I am using windows 10 latest update, python latest update, and pip is updated.

@bubbaJr with they way they been doing up dates id look to see what all you have installed and possibly jump back just before last pip update :nerd_face: