Python isnt recognized

Hey everyone,
So I had to reset my computer and most of the stuff was deleted. Python itself wasnt deleted but it was weird so I deleted and reinstalled it. Anyway, when I type python in the cmd it will send a message that python isnt an internal or external command. I searched the problem in google and found out I had to add my python directory to the windows path, so I did so and followed every step. When I was done, I typed python in the cmd and again it said that pyhon isnt recognizad.
Im really stuck and if someone can help I would apreciate it alot.
Thank you in advance!


I have no experience with windows nevertheless I think it is a question of setting environment variables. Have you tried to follow the recommendations at the following link (3.3.1.)?:

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Thank you! I figured it out thanks to some info in the link you sent.

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