Python not showing up after I installed it..?


So I was merrily using pythonV3 http server module. But then I went on vacation and tried to get some work done while I was supposed to be relaxing. And somehow I messed up my Python installation.

So now that I am back, I decided to start from scratch: I uninstalled all Python from my computer and reinstalled Python3.8.1. Or at least I thought I did.

When I try to check which version of Python I have by using the python --version or python3 --version commands, I get no message at all. No error message and no confirmation message.

Help! What am I doing wrong??

Did you try which python3?

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it might help if you mention your OS.
If your running linux (and this is probably true for mac) try looking under /usr/bin/ to see if you have any python versions in there. the python3 call is actually a link to the real program which is probably stored as python3.8 in your case.
You could try calling python3.8 and if that runs it just means that the link python3 is missing.
If you running Windows I have no idea. I haven’t used Windows since ME:-)

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Unfortunately, this resulted in an error message: "which" is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

I am using Windows unfortunately.

Try going into the os file system and looking for python if its not there then it probably didnt install correctly

I uninstalled Python one more time and then re-installed. But this time, I checked the box that “Added Python to PATH”.

Now, the command “python --version” returns the expected Python 3.8.1.

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