Trouble using PIP to install modules

I am a new Python user going through example code fragments in book. With I tried to “>>> import send2trash” an error message informed me that that module is not installed on my Win10 PC. I looked up how to install that module the instructions asked me to use the command “pip install Send2Trash”. That also resulted in an error message. Running that command in the Command Window didn’t work either.

I am too inexperienced to know how to correctly use pip. Any advice is appreciated

Hello and welcome,
Can you please give us the error you got when you tried to install using pip? and where did you run the pip install command, was it in cmd of windows?
I think you either don’t have pip installed or your environment variables are not set in your windows to allow you execute pip install from cmd.
What do you get when you type python in the cmd?

Thanks for looking into my beginner’s issue.
I am running Python (IDLE)3.7.3

When I attempt to run pip within the Python window: pip install Send2Trash the error message is “SyntaxError: invalid syntax”. This leads me to believe that this is not where it should be run.

When i attempt to run pip in a command window the error message is “Windows cannot find ‘pip’. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again.” This leads me to believe that pip is not installed.

If pip is not installed with this version of Python, how does one get it installed?

You shoud do this in the command prompt, (because this is not a windows command).
So in the Run type cmd, in order to have the command prompt appeared.
Once you have the command prompt, first type python, to see if your path environment variable is set or not.
Then if you see the version of python , it means that you don’t have issue with path env variables setting, then you can type : pip -V , to check if pip is intalled or not. and here also it will depend on what is your case, you will probably have to download pip and install if is not there.
Or another option totally diffrent is to install a distribution like Anaconda which contains pip and most of the python libraries and it will be easier maybe.