Problem with the weather app

Here’s the problem. i’ve made a simple weather app and it worked as I intended. BUT as soon as I submitted the link on the site - it stopped working. I’ve tried numerous times to fix it but I got exactly nowhere. I suppose the problem lies in the api but not really sure. Can anyone help me please? link:
p.s. sorry for my english

Hi, it appears to be working on my computer

Hmm, that’s strange. But anyway thanks for the reply.

when you’re working with api’s if you host your code on a https server you can’t get data from http server, it’s like a blasphemy in the eyes of chrome devs.

if you use ie or something else you may succeed but I suggest you getting into accuweather api, they can give you https data free for 6 months.

My suspicion was correct, I’ll try to use it. Thank you for the help.