Problems with Technical Documentation Page tests [FIXED]

I have problems with:

  1. Within the #main-doc ( ) element, I can see several elements, each with a class of “main-section”. There should be a minimum of 5. [fixed]

.4. Each element with the class of “main-section” should also have an id that corresponds with the text of each <header> contained within it. Any spaces should be replaced with underscores (e.g. The <section> that contains the header “Javascript and Java” should have a corresponding id=“Javascript_and_Java”). [fixed]

.10. Additionally, the navbar should contain link (<.a>) elements with the class of “nav-link”. There should be one for every element with the class “main-section”. [fixed]

  1. Each element with the class of “nav-link” should contain text that corresponds to the text within each (e.g. if you have a “Hello world” section/header, your navbar should have an element which contains the text “Hello world”). [fixed]

  2. When I click on a navbar element, the page should navigate to the corresponding section of the “main-doc” element (e.g. If I click on a “nav-link” element that contains the text “Hello world”, the page navigates to a <section> element that has that id and contains the corresponding <header>.

my codepen

You have a main-section outside your main-doc…you need to either move it inside or change the name of that class and apply separate styling.

All of your other issues are based off that first one. To pass you can’t have a main-section outside of main-doc without all the criteria.

        <section id="grid" class="main-section">

My suggestion is to use another class here.

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thank you very much but it has fixed only second paragraph. I still have probles with 4th, 10th, 12th and 13th. Can you help me? Because I dont see whats wrong

try moving your .nav-link class into the a tag as the code is expecting an href attribute


<div class="nav-link border"><a class="nav-txt" href="#Introduction">Introduction</a></div>


<div class="border"><a class="nav-link nav-txt" href="#Introduction">Introduction</a></div>

that should fix most of your issues with the except of the media query issue.

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Your header tag isn’t closed on your IF…Else header. That should take care of that issue.

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thanks. It has fixed problems except 13th

thanks. It has fixed problems except 13th too

Fixed. There was error with small letter

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