Can someone give a feeback on this ,this is a product landing page

You may have to center it

I updated the landing page ,now can anyone review the landing page.I tried centering the video and form elements but i didnt get the desired results ,any suggestions?

Im no CSS expert. But using absolute positioning on your elements and and positioning with top/left props will remove them from the flow.

I suggest reading more about flexbox and use that for positioning.

Browsing the website from a cellphone is an absolute mess at the moment :stuck_out_tongue:

No problem it was a nice feedback for me ,even i was struggling with that problem,thanks sir.The video element and form elemenst were the most mind-boggling things ,i couldnt position them using flexbox so i had no other way and used a position absolute.You check out my another product landing page which i completed after the previous one ,Hope you like this!

Looks good to me now.

can you tell me if somethings wrong::smile: