Product Landing page. Feedback please

Product Landing page. Feedback please
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here is the URL


Wait, did you seriously host it and brought a domain as well?


I already had two domains to play with, i have my own vps. Its another interest outside of web development


Hi @PeterWebDev,

Really nice page and layout overall, I like how the navbar moves to the bottom of the page on mobile. How did you achieve that?

Just a couple of minor notes for mobile:

  • The navbar slightly overlaps with the video so I am not sure but maybe you could increase the bottom margin for the video itself (not sure this is the right solution though)

  • The text in the email placeholder is cut by the input box, so maybe I would increase the min-width of the input #email

Well done and happy coding!


Thanks in Desktop i set it to


and in the media query i set it to