Product Landing Page Feedback & Q's

Fellow campers,

I’m hoping for feedback and help on my Product Landing Page project. Feedback related to my designs, responsiveness, and obvious errors. Help related to an error I’m receiving stating that my navbar isn’t at the top of the scrollbar after scrolling. I have my navbar in “position: fixed;” and I’m unsure of which element(s) are triggering this error.

Thanks for any feedback and help!

I fixed the navbar issue! Let me know if you also run into this and I can help.

Feedback still welcome on my Product Landing Page:

Thanks for any comments.

You did a good job and most of what I want to tell you is about responsive and adaptive.

  1. Your menu is not responsive at small viewports.
  2. Cost items have different width
  3. Try to resize the window and you’ll see unresponsive blocks like this one
  4. And it would be better if you make social icons at the bottom links.

Have a nice coding.

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Thanks for the feedback!

I changed the social media icons into links, made the “learn more” section responsive and semi-fixed the “pricing” section. I’m still stuck on making the navbar responsive.

Any other comments?

Try to move your img out of ul tag and then rewrite your .nav-bar styles for img and ul items. You can use flexbox or grid.
It will be mush easier to fix your responsive menu if actual menu list (ul) will not contain img.

And about your Learn more block: it would be better if you make label and inputs in column at viewport around <600px or something about it.

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