Product Landing Page - Feedback Request

Hi all,
I finished my first version of the product landing page. I’d love some suggestions and recommendations.

Please provide a link to view the project in production.

Sorry about that. I grabbed the wrong link. I changed it above but here it is:

I applaud you for your efforts.

Albeit I have a couple of things to point out:

  • Page title is not centered
  • Nav items have no smooth scrolling
  • For good UX, don’t quickly ask for the user’s email. You need to tell the user what he will get, talk about it more, and once you gain their trust, ask for the email (this is referred as value paths)
  • Make your CTA stand out from the rest! That’s how users will get value from your site!
  • Text in the cars have different background color than the card itself
  • Again, more text that needs to be centered
  • Make titles short if possible. Users don’t read what’s on a site, they scan it. Do you remember the most important things of your site if you scan it?
  • Put a transition of .2s on that newsletter form to smooth out the hover animation
  • Close the quote on the Why WU Fuego? section
  • Smooth the animation on the contact form
  • Make footer take 100% width
  • Social Icons are bigger than the text (hierarchy)
  • Your copy right text is small, you worked for this. Make sure everyone sees this!

Happy coding!

@stinatovar The page looks great! Are you a salsa dancer?

Here is what I noticed, that you may want to change (in my opinion):

  • I noticed that one of the cards (sweet roll) is bigger than the others.
  • The text below the social media icons is too small to read.
  • The video does not play.
  • Why do the menu items turn blue in mobile view?
  • The input field could be wider in mobile view.