Product Landing Page - Feedback required

Hi guys!

I finally managed to finish my product landing page :yum:. I built a page to represent my fictitious farm. I took the liberty to create a logo and come up with appropriate text for the page and I am quite happy with how it turned out.

The project was challenging and interesting, an avenue for me to learn a lot. I have tried my very best to check all the boxes. However, I am sure my novice mind may have missed a few things.

Please have a look at my page and help me improve it.

Thanks for the feedback!

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Congratulations on finishing, its looking good.

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Your page looks good @dewslyse. Something to revisit;

  • Check that the user has entered a valid email addr. Throw an HTML5 validation error if not.
    • You learned to do this when coding the survey form

Thank you for your feedback @Roma . At the back of my mind, I thought I was leaving the subscription optional. I now see the error in my thinking. I have fixed that now.