Product Landing Page - Feedback welcome!

Hi everyone!

I just finished the product landing page exercise and would love any feedback. I used the same content / general layout as the FCC example but did it with my own code/style.

I can’t post links in the form yet I guess, but this is where I have the page:

waltmurray dot github dot io slash FCC-RWD-Product

Edit: I’m now trusted enough to add links! Here it is:


Looks good! Few suggestions I have.

  • Change cursor of mouse when it hovers on get started button.
  • You can change the shapes of product cards to indicate the differences.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Link for others

First of, welcome to FCC

As has been mentioned the cursor should be set to pointer on your buttons
Good job

Thanks for the feedback, I’ll make those changes :slight_smile: .

I was wondering if you would mind explaining shaping the product cards a bit more, I can’t really visualize what you mean by it. Do you mean changing the card widths and heights based on their price?

Thanks for the warm welcome and taking the time to check out the page. I think it’s a really cool community that two people responded so quickly.

Yeah so if you want to put an emphasis on one special product and want to promote it, you can increase it’s height, etc…

Awesome, gotcha. It’s all fixed up and looks much better now. On mobile I also promote products by showing them first :slight_smile: .