Product Landing page for feedback

Hi Coders,

Any of you guys, know how to change the colour of the background and change the youtube clip?

If you have additional feedback, I would like to hear.

Thanks coders

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Nice job, I really like your design and especially user experience.
Users can easily click the navigations on top and route to a specific section of the page.
Content is in the middle which is a big plus.
Color use is consistent throughout the app so nothing feels out of place. I might change the youtube video size if I were you, just so it matches other parts as well.

Good job and good luck on your next projects :ok_hand:t4:

Hello there, this is a good start.

Your design is organized, especially the vertical layout on mobile. However, the youtube video is not centered on certain screen sizes (you can check this out using chrome dev tools). You can revisit the responsive web design curriculum if needed.

The CSS is responsible for styling the page. You would need to find the CSS selector corresponding to the element whose background color you want to change, and modify its background-color: attribute. The background color of the page in this case is styled within the body CSS selector.

HTML is responsible for content, so you would change the youtube clip there. Look at the html and you will see an <iframe> element containing a “src” attribute pointing to the current youtube link.

Hi @Mr.P, your page is an almost exact duplicate of the responsive product landing page you forked. Some of the text was not even changed. You’re doing yourself a disservice by not trying to code your own.

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Hey Guys,

I have lost my

Handcrafted, home-made masterpieces

    The container, where they can submit there e-mail.

And I can’t get the video more in the center. Any advice coders?

Nice job, the design was wonderful people can easily navigate through out the whole website

Any Coders know, how I can put my Submit button in the middle?