Product Landing Page - project feedback

Hello Fellow Campers,
Please, I would appreciate some feedback on the Product landing page project.
The Codepen link is :

Thank you.

Looks really nice and neat.

  • First you could improve is the features, how it works and pricing hover.
    It is overflow when you hover to it.

  • Second it is the get started button. Give it a solid background and hover to make it pop out instead of dashed line.

  • Soft edges will looks good on the background picture. give it a border radius around 10-20px if i am not wrong.

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Thank you @hartatociptajaya , for the quick response.
I really appreciate this feedback. And I will incorporate the points you outlined.

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I think instead of using border: 3px dotted var(--pink-color); in .description button. You should using solid style instead, it make your buttons look like beautifull than dotted.
Image in .pricing-card should same size, and button too!. Because I see 4th button in pricing-card not have a same position with orther buttons.

Thank you so much @OrionTG. Iā€™m incorporating your recommendations.

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