Product Landing page test issue

Can anyone help?

I am working on the product landing page and test #12 will not tick green no matter what!

it says “AssertionError: The #form should have an action attribute: expected false to equal true”



Without being able to see your code, I have to assume that you do not have a form with the id “form” that has an action attribute.

heres the code:

Hi @danielg14,
Could you please attach the link to the challenge, and also show your code?


Please post a link to your codepen pen. Or your fiddle, or your
Screenshots are not helpful

You have two form elements on your page. The first one is empty. That’s the one the test is seeing and that’s why it fails. Remove it and that test will pass.

I’ve got to say this too. You have random elements on your page that are out of order. Codepen only expects the code that would go between the body element. The body element contains code that the browser renders. I currently see in your code opening and closing body tags with nothing in them.

Thanks for your help on both aspects! much appreciated.