Product landing page user story 13


Would really appreciate it if someone could tell me why user story #13 is not passing on my project? I have tried every piece of code I can find on Google but it is still not working!

Thank you and appreciate the help very much.

Here is the link to my project:

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Hey there @Theounited1! Welcome to the FCC forum!

The first user story doesn’t really count but it does add to the 12 user stories you have completed but you still need to complete the CSS portion.

Look, there are only 12 user stories pertaining to Html, you only have the minimum CSS, you need to format your nav-bar, add media queries for responsive design,
and use flexbox to order your boxes.

Just to be clear, the Html is completely done, and your focus should be at styling your code with CSS. If you need help with CSS, I suggest googling good CSS tricks, looking over the FCC curriculum, and reverse engineering the FCC CSS code from the codepen they provide us as an example.

Hope this helped!
If you have any more questions or need some more help don’t hesitate to ask the forum!

Happy coding, :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the forums @Theounited1.
When tests fail, click the red button for further information. The first line says what the test is looking for and is followed by text that will help you correct the issue.

Here’s something you need to be aware of. Codepen provides the boilerplate for you. The style element is only used in the head element when you use internal styling. Your styling is external. Remove the style tags from CSS. It will cause problems.
Remove them and you’ll see your tests go from 13/16 to 14/16

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Hi @Cy499_Studios,

Thank you for your near instant reply!

Your advice was really helpful so thank you. I actually forgot about the example page created by free code camp, which I could have looked at! Yes, you are correct my HTML is finished and I haven’t completed my CSS properly. I’m actually going through each user story and trying to solve problems as I go, which is why I have not finished the entire project before posting this topic. Nevertheless, I cannot thank you enough for taking time out of your day to help me. I actually found that by deleting the style tags on my CSS, like the at the user suggested, my CSS worked. I am incredibly frustrated by this and I have no idea why this was the problem. I will ask the user for clarification or maybe you could provide your opinion as well! Thank you

Kindest regards,

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@Theounited1 No problem Buddy that’s why the forum’s here.

I can’t wait to see your page when you finish with the CSS!

Hi @Roma,

Thank you so much for your help, it turned out that you were correct and I just needed to remove the style tags from my CSS code. However, I am a complete novice in a way when it comes to coding, so I did not really understand any of the rest of your 2nd paragraph. If you could explain this in any easier way, that would be truly appreciated! Nevertheless thank you so much as you have solved 2 days of frustration for me!

Thank you so much,
Kindest regards,

@Theounited1, you can review this for an understanding of the HTML boilerplate tags.

There are three ways you can do styling;

  • Internal - using the style element within the head element
  • Inline - style a single HTML element
  • External - (preferred) an external CSS file

When coding within codepen the HTML section is the HTML code and the CSS section is the external style sheet.

Hope that helps.

Hi @Roma,

Thank you, that has helped a lot and I understand why the style elements were not needed now. I didn’t actually know that the basic elements included in every HTML website were called boiler plates. Again thank you and thank you on behalf of everyone else you help as well!
Kindest regards,