Product landing page - YOGA Classes

Hello, campers! :relaxed: I would love to get a feedback about my project. Any comments and suggestions are welcome.

Thank you! :v:t3:

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I’ve just checked it on my mobile. I really like the design. It’s very responsive and quick. It’s a nice clean design with good contrast and plenty of breathing space. I’m a bit of a noob and certainly no guru but know what I like and I personally like it. Hopefully someone a little more technical will give you a more in-depth feedback but as a user it works.

Very nice! i see you all good pratices from html5 with header, section, footer…
but has only one thing you need see, is the size of your #email.
actualy he no has dynamic size, then, in mobile he no os adjustable, because of his 280px fix size.
I hope this can help you. good lucky.

I really appreciate your thoughts and compliments. Thank you a lot :sun_with_face:

Thank you, I changed #email width on mobile to 70% :+1:t3:

I really like your name! :wink: (My real name is Moon).

The only comment I really have regards the volume of the youtube video. Otherwise, looking great!

LOVE that header, I’ve always looked into how to do different shapes for headers and navbars and the way you utilized an image is fantastic, it’s seamless and it sets this website apart from all the other look-alike ones we have. Overall this entire website is just so cute and everything looks great!

Thank you, Moon, for suggestion and good words :sunflower:

Wow, thank you for such positive feedback! :rainbow: Now my self confidence is much more higher ^^

You are an inspiration.

It’s a beautiful page but that header is better. Nice.

I want to see how you did it so I’ll be looking closer. :eyeglasses:

Thank you for compliments, I really appreciate it :relaxed:

. Very nice, I liked your name :grinning: