Product landing site

Hie am stuck on fullfilling 2 tests please help link to my product landing project here

I can see that your “email” element is missing a placeholder (you should add placeholder=“Text that will be shown in the input box and replaced by the text entered by the user”).

The references in the nav bar seem OK to me, but maybe you should position the content in a column-like layout. Right now, once the click directs the user to, say, “about us,” then the rest of the content is already seen on screen, so the other two links (services and contact) seem to have no effect. They are actually working, but not moving the page because the content is already on screen.

Hope this helps!

The .nav-link class needs to be on the <a> elements not the <li> elements.

  <a class="nav-link" href="#about-us">about us</a>

Thank you for a quick response

Thank you so much done now thank you…

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