Product Page Project - Feedback

Hi. I just finished my product page project. I took inspiration from the official LG site, and made it responsive as best as I could. I’m not very good at design, but I tried my best.

I would really appreciate some feedback, and to hear if I should make some changes.

Thanks in advance!


It’s awesome. I only resized in browser, but responsiveness seems to be good. Although heavily inspired, the design looks great. You did a great job with whitespace and alignment of everything. If there’s anything to improve I think the navbar could be tweaked a bit, particularly on mobile. It takes up more of the viewport than I think you’d want on a smaller screen. Overall really good job :pineapple:

Thanks for the feedback 4trio19! Regarding the navbar, I am going to change it to a hamburger style menu, as soon as I learn how to make it.

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