Feedback wanted for "Documentation Page" project

For this project, I have finished the basic requirements but to further my skills I’ve been trying to make the design of the site better. So far it is pretty basic, with no color or specific style and some things I do not like being there (had to add a few paragraphs to satisfy the project checker, any paragraphs not from the original website I credited on the page can just be ignored with feedback, as I plan on working from a version with those removed after I submit the project).

So I just want feedback on what I could to do make the site look more appealing, or better to navigate, for both the desktop and mobile versions. Thanks.

Link to project:

Well, I’m going to say the pretty obvious issue is that the page is not responsive. When you narrow the browser all the way in the nav menu is still on the left side, overlapping the content.

My recommendation would be to use a narrow-first approach to styling the page. Narrow your browser in as far as it will go and style the page so it looks good at this narrow width. There should be no horizontal scroll bars. The menu should be at the top, above the content. Don’t use any media queries. This is the default CSS.

Then after you have it looking good you can widen your browser until you feel you have enough room to shift the layout so that the nav menu and content can be side-by-side. Add a media query break point here and then additional styling to get the layout you want for the wider page.

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As the friend above said first, page isn’t responsive and the style is really simple, It’s not a good looking page!

You should work on those two topics.

Hope I could’ve helped you!

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