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I made an effort so that despite the simplicity it looked good both on desktop and mobile.

  • Perhaps what I learned in this first section of FCC should have given me more, I don’t know, it is in my plans to finish the projects, revisit and analyze the curriculum and return to work on the projects improving them.
    Any criticism, claim or suggestion is rather welcome, be it related to the design and / or the code, any improvement that you indicate and / or guidance will be taken and applied, whether it be improvements in the code or in the design.
    I would like to be able to learn as I improve and work on the projects, so I thank you for your advice or suggestions in advance.

You’ll want to make it more responsive so that the layout actually changes for narrow/wide screens. Right now you always have two columns, which is a very tight fit for narrow screens, especially if the text size has been increased.

I recommend you start with a narrow-first approach. Narrow your browser as far as it will go and style the page for that narrow width. This will be your base CSS. In this case I think that will mean putting the nav links above the content. Or you could do some sort of hamburger menu toggle. It’s going to depend on your skill level.

Then, you can gradually widen the browser and when you feel you have enough room to put the nav links on the side you set a CSS break point and add CSS styling in the break point to make the layout changes you want.

With the HTML i suggest not putting header inside section just use h2 and use header as a hero inside nav or beside nav element

I made some improvements, in case you want to review the pen again.