Programming general and Javascript special question

Is it ok if I pass a challenge or write a code to do something but, I can’t 100% understand how my the code act although it does what it was made for ?!

When I first started programming I was so confused but by the time it will pass away this feeling.

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I hope so but I think it isn’t about confusing, it is about understanding and expecting what my code should do.

Every beginning is difficult because a lot of information but after You practice a lot you will understand all of it.

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go through your code like essay and understand every essential or main symbol and what it does…when it comes to webpages, UNDERstand EVERY WORD AND SYMBOL no excuses :smiley:

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For a bit of comic relief… this seems appropriate lol


I hope so, Thank you for helping.

Believe me, I wish it was that easy :smiley:

hhhhhhhhhhhh dude, that’s exactly what happens to me. :smile::smile:

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LOL Yup… especially when I first started…Id write my code, so sure I got it and it would pass every test but one. So Id revise my code so it passes the test it failed…but now it fails two others. LOL Im so used to that happening that recently I tested a solution fully expecting it to fail some of the tests…and instead I get the big green button. I was so confused…like how did I possibly get that right for all the tests? Is there a bug in FCC?!! :laughing:

It took me more time to go over my code with each of the tests to see how I managed to get it right than it did for me to write the code. Life is crazy lol

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I am at that point I think. I will keep trying and I hope I’ll figure it out soon. Thank you, bro.