Wording of some of the FCC code challenges

Hello everyone!, Is it just me or do some of the coding challenges seem to be worded poorly or in a confusing manner. I’m able to grasp the concepts of the challenges decently quickly, but in solving the accompanying coding challenges there have been times where I produce correct results (testing via console.log()) and when running the tests, they fail.

Please shed any light as to this or if i’m just slow, i’ll shut up and keep coding…lol!

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lol xD OMG! This is funny! Nah, you’re right they’re like sometimes a little obfuscated and too verbose, and also since they’re test-driven-code, they’re really picky, even if you have a working code but didn’t for example use indentation right, like a “tab” instead of “space”, then the “interpreter” would blip! jaja about it…

So yes bruh I feel your pain, what I do is just pretend I am a parser and parse every little character, step by step and isolate/divide everything in elemental chunks so it is easier to analyze and comprehend.

Well fear not my bro, it all be alright, just chill-out and keep on coding :>

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I think it is worth noting that code and computers tend not to produce the intended results without very precise syntax. We try to use the correct syntax and correct terminology so that you are better prepared for more complex projects.

If you ever don’t understand a technical definition, a challenge explanation, or why your code doesn’t pass the tests, please ask in a forum post! We’re here to help.