Programming JavaScript in 2017

Hi everyone ! I am a little bit confused

I am rather new to programming and I’m currently learning JavaScript. It seems to me that I got all the basics (made some projects like random quote machine, basic algorithm scripting and etc.).

The problem is that I’ve recently found out about ES6/ES5 and other standards and now I find myself confused. I found out that it is a way better practice to use let/const instead of var and so on.

So here comes the question. Is it ok to learn ECMAScript2015 (also known as ES6) in 2017? Is it up to date (or I need something else instead of it)? Should I use it in all my projects?

p.s. Do I need to get some more JS (without learning standards like ES6) before learning ES6 or smth like that?

p.s.s Thanks

Read the YOU DON’T KNOW JS books. Really good overall in teaching you the difference between ES6 and vanilla JS

Thank you. So is it a bad practice to use just Vanilla JavaScript in such small projects after all :worried: ?

ES6 is vanilla JS. It’s just a next version of JS, it’s not a new standard.


Thank you for correcting :slight_smile: