Progress is lost from my html and css

i was working on the survey form project and my progress has been lost? most html is missing and all css is gone?

have you saved your code with the Save button?

if you had, try to reload the page a few times, it should come back.

before i closed everything down i do remember it saying saved to local browser storage i will try to refresh a few times now

no nothing is happening im guessing i will have to start again or is their another solution?

to save your code make sure you use the Save your code button, or run the tests (running the tests on a project also save the code).

if you haven’t done any of those things there is no way

i did run few tests quite a few times and not long before i shut everything down but i guess in future i will save in vs code just incase same happens again thanks for the help though! :slight_smile:

if you did that the code is saved on the server, you can try clearing local cache

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