Project #1 - Moebius Tribute!

I just finished my first FCC project! Here it is:

This has been really fun. I learned a tiny bit of HTML and CSS on my own years ago, and haven’t touched it for a while. I’m really digging the format of FCC and am excited to continue! I’m a total beginner, but I’ve got tons of time to kill at my dayjob, so I figure I might as well use it to learn a skill that could be relevant to a better job in the future.

So … bring on the feedback! This project was really basic … the next one looks a little more involved.

Thanks fellow campers!

Looks pretty good over all for your first project. The main issue i noticed at a quick glance is that your first image doesn’t respond to different screen sizes. the rest of the page seemed to be responsive.

Oh, good catch - I added the “img-responsive” class to that image and it’s behaving better now.

Obviously I’m such a noob I didn’t even try resizing my browser window to test this out … thanks for the helpful feedback!

Now I’m thinking about whether to expand this project and apply more bootstrap concepts from the challenges … or to plow boldly on to Javascript. If I do a big update I’ll post here again!