Going through the projects this time, honestly (Tribute)

Hey guys/gals, After a lot of attempts, I finally sat down to actually finish FCC. I admit, before, I would just kind of copy the codepen project and change just a little bit of it. But I’m going back through and actually taking it on my own this time 'round. I really wanted to learn front-end. I also wanted to design my page a little differently than the way I see it most commonly done. Let me know what you think! Special thanks to @LisaLoop for helping me with flexbox!!

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Hi mate, I am a beginner too, so take my criticism as a grain of salt lol.

First, let me congratulate you for challenging yourself. I should be doing the same haha. Your page looks neat, you’re off to a great start.

On what to improve, there are mainly three things that are bothering me:

  1. The image doesn’t align well with the text. The top of the image is higher than the title The Life of Alan Turing:
  2. Therer is a weird blank space at the bottom of the image. This is specially visible when you use small devices. The bullets don’t respond well at all. You should try a differente approach to make the whole thing more responsive. =)
  3. This is the most subjective, I guess, but I find the colors way too dull. I suppose you tried to make it look retro, but I think the design could be made more attractive. :slight_smile: