Project-based learning with real world examples?

Hello @joseph.r.martinez!

Another useful resource for you could be The Odin Project. I am currently taking their Full Stack JavaScript course. The projects given to you, in my case, are very captivating.

Because I am interested in learning JavaScript in their curriculum, the first project I tackled was a Rock Paper Scissors game in the browser. It was super cool to build it as I was able to actually implement my JavaScript skills when building that sort of thing.

After that, I continued to learn some JavaScript concepts and gradually completed projects such as building a Calculator and recently… a Book Library of some sort.

If you think you can’t decide on which resource to use, I would recommend reading this forum post: I just earned my first certification - You Can Do This! - The freeCodeCamp Forum

And there could be other posts out there like this that I don’t know of…