Project Feedback, Certificate and Critique

Hello people.

I’ve completed my Responsive Web Design Projects. I would appreciate any honest feedback and critique and how does one go about getting the certificate?

Thank you.

Hi @Habeeb11
Lots to go through all at once.
Your tribute page;

  • run your HTML and CSS through a validator and correct the errors. codepen provides you with validators, click on the arrow in the upper right and then click on the respective ‘Analyze’ link.

Your survey form;

  • run your code through the validator and correct the errors.
  • consider changing to a pointer when hovering over the Submit button
  • Asterisks on forms are used to denote required fields. Your form shows almost every field as being required but you only check three of them so remove the asterisks from those fields that aren’t required.

Product Landing page;

  • run HTML and CSS through the validators and correct the errors.
  • is the page finished? The nav links do not take you to the respective sections on the page and that’s the one test that’s failing.

Tech Doc page;

  • You have an unclosed media query block. Running through a validator will show this.
  • Consider keeping the nav fixed on larger screens, not scrolling with the content.
  • On smaller screens, consider moving the navbar to the top and fixing it.

Thank you, I’d make those corrections right now.

Changes all made, except for the last two options regarding the Tech Doc page. I’d do that over the weekend. Thank you.

For your tribute page, nice job. the codes are kept simple and soon they will become better.
For the form, yes it is really good, except, I know you love to crazy-font the whole page. instead of comic sans, you should use Optima. if your computer doesn’t support that, try using sans serif.
For the product landing page, I see that you improved a bit, but I don’t know what you are trying to sell, and you aren’t showing any products :frowning:
For the tech doc page, you have a serious lack of css and need to actually teach some kind of coding or skill.
For the Personal portfolio, You did what I hate most: plaigirism. You did not give any credit to freecodecamp and need to redo it.
Now if you feel a little overwhelmed, I’m sorry. I’m just trying to help you improve your coding.

Nice man!
great job