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Hello this is a recent project i made, full stack mern app, give me your thoughts, it took me a few months, thanks, it is for job applications, included in my portfolio.

I don’t have time to do a complete review but I will point out a few accessibility issues that need to be addressed:

  • Anything that is a link needs to be in an <a> tag. For example, all of the clickable things in the footer. And then each of those links needs to have actual text associated with it. The easiest way to do this is to put the text inside the <a> and visually hide it.

  • When the top nav bar goes to dark brown the link text is barely readable because the color of the the link text does not have enough contrast with the background. There are a variety of tools out there to help you find accessible color combinations. One of my favorites is the WebAIM Color Contrast tool.

  • Any input (such as an <input> or <select>) must have an accessible name. This is usually provided by a <label>. But for the sound toggle you can use aria-label.

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I’m going to be very nick picky. Overall, I think you did a great job, and it’s very visually appealing.

  1. On the home tab, I don’t like how the screen flashes before the background image rotates. It’s very distracting. This might be personal preference, though.

  2. On the about tab, the down arrow underneath about us doesn’t do anything. The up arrow on the bottom of the page above back to the top does something. I think both need to have a function, or remove them both.

  3. Careful with space placement in this paragraph:

We cover the cost and the coffee is delivered fast. We understand sometimes you want to get an order right away, you see something and you want to already know the taste. We try our best to have it delivered as fast as possible and we cover the shipping expense on certain areas.Where possible a shipping tracking number will be given .Peak freshness: guaranteed.

  1. Careful with space placement and grammar in this paragraph:

Special offers for certain special occasions.Save on your order and get special gifts with them. We try to make each order special and unique with a added bonus of a gift in the form of a gift card or some chocolate. It is the small details such as these that add to the unique nature of these packages.

  1. Careful with running sentences and spelling mistakes in this paragraph:

Discover an endless variety of the world’s best artisan coffee from each of our roasters. We build our menu based on the seasonality of these producing countries, offering a rotating selection of origins that change regularly. Our coffe is of the best quality, keeping it fresh and aromatic is our priority.

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