Project feedback survey-form

Hello there
May i have a feedback for my projects (survey form) here is a link below.

Hi @lethuh365D !

Just a few thoughts from me :slight_smile:

Remember that input tags do not have closing tags because they are self closing.
This would be incorrect


I would avoid stacking up br tags like this to create space between elements.


CSS would be better to create spacing.

Also be careful with your use of ids.
Remember that ids have to be unique.
There are a few times where you will reuse the same id name like here:

<label for="activities">
  <input id="activities" value="sky_diving" type="checkbox">Sky diving</input><br>
 <input id="activities" value="scuba_diving" type="checkbox">Scuba diving</input><br>
 <input id="activities" value="hicking" type="checkbox">Hicking</input><br>
 <input id="activities" value="swimming" type="checkbox">Swimming</input><br>
 <input id="activities" value="other" type="checkbox">Other</input>

Also, I would just have one label for each input instead of place several inputs into one label.

Just like they do in the docs here

Then I would also format your html and css code.
Screen Shot 2022-05-15 at 9.52.35 AM

hope that helps! :slight_smile:

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Thanks a million
I’ve learned something new!
It seems to be all good on the UI but behind the scene were spaghetti codes😅. HTML is forgiving.
Thank you :blush:

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