Project ideas that would impress a charity

A while back I tried emailing a few charities to offer free work. One started digging into my background. I lost confidence and stopped the discussion.

Well I don’t have that issues anymore because I know the full stack, so my plan is to build a project or 2 to impress the charities. Something beefier than a pure front end, but that still has mass appeal.

What do you guys think that could be? I’m thinking something to help them keep track of donations or maybe even accept them. Or a knowledgebase to help explain what they do (but then again a website also does that).

You could potentially rebuild their website with a better UI/UX and performance.

For example you could rework their call to action page to have better performance, more prominent donation flow etc etc. Depends how crummy their site is :smiley:

Your idea of an internal tool to track the donations would be interesting too, I think creating a simple dashboard, donation lists, reporting capabilities that is powered by some simple DB would be an awesome way to show that you are serious and thinking about their problems and providing solutions.

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