Project latest version is not visible

Hi Everyone!

When i fix my project, the latest version is not visible, if i sign out, and sign in again. → Certifications

I can see only the first version of my project after sign in. (View => Show Code)

If i click on the Project Name, i can see an empty project page.

When i scroll down, on the empty project page, in the Instruction section, i click on Get Help => Get a Hint, a page openes:

I click on the link (on this site it is: Build a Tribute Page), and only then i can see my latest version.

I think it would be the ideal, if i could see my latest version, if i click on
View => Show Code,
View => Show Project,
or click on
Project Name.

Thank You Very Much for Help!

make sure you submit the new version of your project (press Submit on the modal that appear after you complete the project)

if you are sure you have done that, you may need to clear your cache for the new version to appear

Thank You! It’s working.

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