Project codes on the claim certification section won't update

HI, I’ve repeatedly resubmitted and saved my updated code for the respective projects, but some of them won’t reflect in the preview in the claim certification page. The respective project page shows it’s updated, but not when you’re about to claim a certificate. I can’t proceed knowing I’m unsure if they’ll be evaluating the updated version.

Welcome there,

Are you sure you SUBMITTED your new solutions? Running and passing the tests is not submitting - you need to click the “Submit and continue” button afterwards too.

Otherwise, try refreshing the certification page; you might be viewing a cached page.

Hope this helps

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Hi, thank you for responding.

I managed to make it work a few hours ago by clearing the cache. I tried downloading a new browser just to test, and yes, it was indeed the cache. After clearing everythinf is now fine.