Project management software

I am a DataScience student. And just finished my first group project.

My question is, how to you manage your projects, with more participants?
Our biggest was the communication in our group. We didn’t manage to tell each other which part of the project we were doing.
And we kind of lost the overview of the project.

So do you use a project management system?
And if you do, which one?

I think Trello is pretty good for a basic project management.

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Welcome, Mini.

I agree with @Jayjarino - Trello works quite well for this.

In the past, I used it to keep track of everyone working on a project. All you need to do is set up a board with tasks, and every participant should have a GitHub account where, in Trello, they link to any repository concerning the project.

That being said, I have heard of other software developers using more dedicated platforms to manage and share code. ProofHub is one example, but it is not free.

Hope this helps.