Project Submission Question

Hey everyone, I have completed the Javascript project Palindrome Checker, and I submitted it and it passed the test, yet on the home page it still says I have completed 0 out of 30 projects. I was wondering if I submitted it correctly or if there was somewhere else I had to complete it to get the credit.

Thank you all for your time and help

:thinking: Did you submit the Responsive Web Design projects?

I have not, I just started with the JavaScript section since I have previous experience and wanted to do something other than html and CSS

In your settings there should be a Certification settings section.
Mine looks like this:

This is happening to me as well. I have claimed the JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures certification (that shows up in the area @JohnnyBizzel took a screenshot of) , but it doesn’t contribute towards my total project count on my landing page.


The project count seems to be a total of the legacy projects you have completed. These projects were part of the old FCC curriculum which offered 3 certifications (front end, back end and data visualization). As far as I know, these certifications are no longer available. So when you complete projects on the new curriculum (like you have done with the Palindrome Checker), the project count remains unchanged.


Understood - that makes sense. So it sounds like this might need to be submitted as a bug? I’ll link to this thread via in the Support Category.

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Yeah, it would make sense to just have one grand total of all projects completed, legacy or not.


Submitted to support here: JavaScript Project Progress not showing up on landing page