JavaScript Project Progress not showing up on landing page

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I have completed the JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures projects and claimed the certification, but this is not being reflected in the total project count on my landing page. @joops75 pointed out that this landing page might be reading in project completion from the old/ legacy JavaScript curriculum.


I know that there was an issue raised a while ago about this. The algorithm projects didn’t have the correct “project” flag. I thought that this had been fixed, but I may be wrong. Could you please do a quick search of the GitHub Issues to before creating one, to avoid duplication?


Having the same issue

Everyone will see the same thing.

I found :

This issue is still open. Certainly the algorithm projects did not have the correct “project” flag.

Additionally, I share this other issue. This was closed, because users were interested in claiming the certificate.

There’s major changes in the repo going on. You shouldn’t see changes in the UI (if everything works right) but fixing bugs like this should be much simpler.the core team has been working on this effort for a while.