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HI! I completed some projects of Scientific Computiing with Python. They are working perfect in the PyCharm , but testing algorithm says they are failed even if the outputs are visually the same, I used ‘f’ string not a normal ones. Please fix this problem! COnsider that not everybody thinks the same way, different people use use different methods to achieve the goal…

What’s your code? Does running file with tests in PyCharm results in pass?

please share your code and what the tests say, we are not able to see anything wrong without informations

Welcome to the forum ^^
Please provide both a link to the challenge as well as your working code.
Especially as “Scientific Computing” involves 5 different complex challenges.

Not to sound mean or anything, but that’s kinda weak point.
First common issue with these tasks is trailing spaces at the end of lines which ofcourse are not visible because they are spaces. Sooo that would be an error on your part.
Second common issue is people printing strings, instead of returning them, which again would fail tests and would be an error on your part and again would “look” correct.

I haven’t completed create_spend_chart yet, but I gues I have problems workning with strings…

Error is because Category object should have specific string representation.

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