Purpose of free codecamp

till now i can,t understand the purpose of this site i come here to learn Frontend but i don,t know is this this provide a practice opportunity if it does where from it started because i have checked its all icons or nevigation options but din,t find any thing.

On the first page you land on there are a several hundred links which each go to a challenge which explains/teaches a different thing, and they’re supposed to be done in order. What do you mean by you couldn’t find anything? They’re the only thing on the page except the navigation at the top.

Edit: do you mean this forum? Because this is a forum, FCC is learn.freecodecamp.org

Where you are right now is the forum associated with Free Code Camp. If you go to freecodecamp.org you just start at the beginning of the curriculum.


Another option is to watch the freecodecamp YouTube channel explaining different topics related to the courses. I hope this helps you. regards

I understand the confusion, a link here in the forum to the curriculum would be really useful

I hope you have found yourself now that you know where to go :slight_smile:

The forum can be used to talk to other people, ask for help, help others or just talk about web development in general.
There are two sites. FreeCodeCamp. And this, FreeCodeCamp-Forum.
The first is where you learn to code. Hope this helps!