"Python for Everybody" scripts always crash

I’m new to coding with no prior experience, and I’m learning out of curiosity. I use Atom Software as my coding text editor. I’m taking this very slowly, as I find programming very confusing and irritating, so I’ll be very thankful for thoughtful critique.

Anytime I run a .py script, whether it be my own or the textbook’s provided .py script, the window opens and shuts down immediately afterwards. If the script starts with an input prompt, after I type something in and press enter, the window immediately shuts down. What do I do to force the .py script to stay open, even after all code is done executing?

Thank you to whoever responds!

You could start separate terminal window, and then run scripts with python <file>

I recommend vs studio for an editor as support for atom will be shelved at the end of this month. I too liked atom and was disappointed in hearing the news. Visual studio can be setup to run like atom.

I also recommend using Visual Studio.
It is easier, flexible,…
Atom would be good, but it’s complicated for beginners.

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