What software/program to use for beginner coder?

I’m just getting into learning how to code python. I’m doing the scientific computing with python course currently. So far I have downloaded Atom and installed a few packages but I’m not sure if there is a better software I should be using. If Atom is recommended then I’d like to know if there is any packages that people recommend I get to help me.

Jupyter notebook is used a lot in python science community.

I’ve been using Atom. I used google colab to take notes with markdown & code, which I think is pretty similar to Jupyter, but I haven’t tried Jupyter yet.

@KarlAddi I recommend a simple text editor if you are just starting out. Atom is a great text editor for Python. You will want to add a package that will warn you about errors while you are typing and to help your code conform to the PEP8 standard. Look at this page for more information.


The best teaching language, in my opinion, is Smalltalk. It was designed by Alan Kay and his team at Xerox PARC for teaching programming to children. The language is supremely simple, it virtually has no syntax!
it also you can use Pycharms’s code.
Pycharm’s code assistance features make it invaluable, particularly if you’re learning to code. It’s constantly being updated and improved.
It also has smart search features, it’s customizable, and you have thousands of plug-ins to improve it.
The negative part is that all the technology behind it has a cost, and it is not only a paid editor but it is quite expensive for companies with licenses that are around 200 euros per user. However, it also has a community version that is free so you can start trying it at no cost.

Thank you everyone for all your tips and recommendations. I really appreciate the help :smile:

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